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BPS Update 2019

by Weldon Beesly on 5th April 2019
BPS Update 2019

It’s that time of year again when BPS applications need to be submitted before the usual 15 May deadline. We are now in the process of completing applications on behalf of clients.

There have been no changes to cross compliance this year and whether we end up leaving the EU or not, you will still need to comply with these rules for the whole scheme year.

Whilst there are no fundamental changes to the application process or the scheme rules this year, there are still things to watch out for to ensure you claim the correct amount and don’t attract penalties simply through incorrectly completing the form.

We are aware of instances where applicants have either claimed the incorrect area or even failed to submit their form, even though they believed they had done so.

When completing your application online you should check that you have claimed the correct area for each parcel in the ‘Update Land Use’ section. Changes in mapping by the RPA can mean that parcels or parts of parcels can appear as ‘undeclared’ online or column C8 is blank on the pdf version.

After updating the Land Use section, you should go to the ‘BPS Application’ section and then to ‘Make Changes to my Application’. Here you will find sections called ‘Activate Less BPS Area,’ ‘Use Less EFA than Available’ and ‘Activate less Commons’. These titles are misleading as this is where you can check and amend the information has come through from the Land Use section. You can also amend the EFA area to exclude Nitrogen fixing crops to avoid inadvertently claiming EFA on area that are ineligible as EFA, perhaps due to the use of plant protection products. The key thing is to make sure you check that the total area you are claiming is correct.

There have generally been fewer mapping updates this year, but it is still important to check every land parcel carefully for any errors and to make sure that you have not lost any parcels or gained someone else’s! Unlike last year, the RPA say they will not be doing mapping updates during the application period.

After submitting the form, you should make sure you print the online receipt along with a copy of the form in pdf format. This is your evidence of what you have submitted and the record of the date and time that you did so.

If you would like assistance with completing your form this year or would just like it checked over before you submit it, please contact Tim Starkey on 01727 807233.